Collaborative Research Studies

Below is a summary of research papers I’ve completed with graduate and undergraduate students.

Journal articles

Gilmore, J.N. and DuRant, M. (2021). Emergency infrastructure and locational extraction: Problematizing Computer Assisted Dispatch Systems as public good. Surveillance & Society 19(2): 187-198.

Gilmore, J.N. and Troutman, B. (2020). Articulating infrastructure to water: Agri-culture and Google’s South Carolina data center. International Journal of Cultural Studies

Gilmore, J.N., Troutman, B., Kenney, K., DePuy, M., Engel, J., Freed, K., Campbell, S., and Garrigan, S. (under review). Stuck in a cul-de-sac of care: Therapy Assistance Online and the pjatformization of mental health services for college students.
Under review. Working manuscript available upon request.

Gilmore, J.N., Hamer, M., Erazo, V., and Hayes, M.P. (under review). “Whose house? Our house!”: Streaming revolution during the U.S. Capitol Riots.
Working manuscript available upon request.

White, C.V. and Gilmore, J.N. (under review). Imagining the ‘thoughtful’ home: Google Nest and the logics of domestic recording.
Working manuscript available upon request.

Working papers

Gilmore, J.N., Shipley, E., Freed, K., Morrow, D., and Painter, M. Making do with Zoom: Rearticulating college experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. (manuscript available upon request)

Gilmore, J.N., Sierra-Rivera, J., Grumet, M., Beddingfield, S.,and Hayes, M.P. Dismantling white supremacy through pints of ice cream: Mapping corporate responses to #BLM, 2016-2020.

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