About Me

Hello! I am an Assistant Professor of Media and Technology Studies in Clemson University’s Department of Communication.  I advise students in our terminal Masters in Communication, and I direct the Collaborative on Communication and Culture–a student-driven research group.


My research and writing explore the articulations between media technologies, culture, and everyday life, and how each of these relates to and transforms the other. Much of this work is rooted in Cultural Studies, and draws on interpretive analysis and critical theory to trace the cultural politics of a variety of objects, practices, and ideas.

I study how institutions, companies, and governments claim to use technologies of all sorts—including digital platforms, wearable technologies, and other technical infrastructures and systems—to produce knowledge claims about the everyday lives of people under their care. My work straddles media studies, cultural studies, and science/technology studies, using critical approaches to contextual the imaginaries surrounding technical devices and systems.

I am also working on a book manuscript, tentatively titled A Battle for Everyday Life: Imagining and Implementing Wearable Technologies. It explores how a variety of institutions have implemented wearable technologies across a range of programs as a means to purportedly learn about the everyday lives of populations. In doing so, it explores an emergent cultural politics around how the conceptualization of everyday life is increasingly transformed into a space of surveillance, data extraction, and standardization.

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