About Me

Hello! I am an Assistant Professor of Media and Technology Studies in Clemson University’s Department of Communication.  I advise students in our terminal Masters in Communication, and I direct the Collaborative on Communication and Culture–a research space which produces the Culture Critically blog and podcast.


My research and writing explore how media technologies act as knowledge machines; how they produce knowledge about individuals, what that knowledge is used to do, and the consequences of those knowledge-generating practices on the level of culture. My work straddles media studies, cultural studies, science/technology studies, and communication. I primarily utilize discourse analysis, interpretive methodologies, and critical theory to trace the cultural politics of a variety of objects, practices, and ideas. My use of critical hermeneutics contextualizes the imaginaries surrounding technical devices and systems within broader historical-social formations.

I am also working on a book manuscript, tentatively titled A Battle for Everyday Life: Imagining and Implementing Wearable Technologies. It explores how wearable technologies have emerged in the first decades of the twenty-first century as a consumer-grade technology, and how they became articulated to practices in health, law, fitness, and labor. Across these domains, a variety of institutions and companies have implemented wearable technologies across a range of programs as a means to purportedly learn about the everyday lives of populations. In doing so, it explores an emergent cultural politics around how the conceptualization of everyday life is increasingly transformed into a space of surveillance, data extraction, and standardization.

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