Collaborative on Communication & Culture

Thank you for visiting this page to learn more about the Collaborative on Communication & Culture, a student research space at Clemson University devoted to studying how we think, know, and live by tackling big issues in communication, media, technology, and popular culture.

What is the Collaborative?

The Collaborative on Communication & Culture launched in Spring 2020. Our goal is to foster dynamic, collaborative research and team-based approaches to the production of knowledge within the Department of Communication. We train undergraduate students in modes of critical inquiry and analysis, including on issues facing South Carolina. Currently, the Collaborative operates through Clemson’s creative inquiry program with support from the Department of Communication.

This Collaborative is designed support Clemson’s land-grant mission and CBSHS’s goal to build people and communities by fostering collaboration between students and departments performing cutting-edge cultural criticism. Cultural criticism entails committed and rigorous analysis that draws on a variety of research traditions. This interdisciplinary work aims to assess, advocate, and advance positive change in the communities and cultures in which we live. We draw on the projects and models of Cultural Studies for inspiration in our work.

Students can choose to pursue full-length academic research studies or produce a series of shorter blog posts on topics of concern. They can work independently or in teams to divide responsibilities. By the end of the semester, all students will have gone through the process of devising, designing, and writing critically informed research for public audiences.

Read about the full research studies I’ve published with students at Clemson University here.

Culture Critically

We publish student research on our blog, Culture Critically.

We also produce a podcast, also titled Culture Critically, which is based on the research students are doing. You can find our podcast on Apple and Spotify.

Culture Critically is the best way to follow the work we are doing.

Social media

You can stay updated on our work by following us on social media.

Twitter: @CollabCommCult
Instagram: @CollabCommCulture


Undergraduate students can enroll in a special section of COMM4970 each semester. Each semester, a new group of students develops, executes, and writes research studies or critically engaged blog posts as a team and under the direction of Dr. Gilmore. These projects may build off existing studies the Collaborative has already completed, or work on new projects of importance.

Graduate students are also welcome to perform research alongside myself or the undergraduate researchers. Some graduate students are able to participate in an independent study, titled Cultural Studies and Cultural Change, to learn about the projects, theories, and approaches of Cultural Studies while assisting with the weekly work of the Collaborative.

Partner with us

We operate as a free collaborative space within a public university. We are always looking for other students, faculty, and institutions to join us on producing content and assisting with larger research projects. Please contact Dr. James Gilmore at jngilmo [at] clemson [dot] edu if you are a student interested in enrolling in the course, a faculty member (at Clemson or elsewhere) interested in working with us, or a member of the public who would like to collaborate.

Annual Reports

Read our 2020 annual report, to learn more about our research studies and our accomplishments and plans